Words To Avoid in a Job Interview

//Words To Avoid in a Job Interview

To make sure that your interview turns into a job offer you need to stay positive and rehearse what you’re going to say. But are you aware of what you shouldn’t say? Whether you are consciously aware of it, certain words can define and add connotation to an interview. And in the high adrenaline, nerve-wracking interview process this is something that is easy to overlook. Ditch these 12 words to avoid in a job interview.

Swear Words

No matter how comfortable you may feel with the interviewer DO NOT let those 4 letter words slip. It’s not worth the risk, it can make you come across as crass or rude. Feel free to feel out the companies culture and curse up a storm ONCE YOU LAND THE JOB.


No body is perfect. This is such a cliché and easy to see through. It’s not a ‘weakness’ so don’t try to paint that picture because any good interviewer will see though it. Instead, you should give something that was a weakness and tell them how you fixed it. For example, taking a class or reading some books.


OR any other ~buzzwords~ that don’t really mean anything or are very obvious. Yes, you’re are motivated to make money. That is why you are here.

Instead, share your accomplishments and examples of how your motivation has made an impact in your job or life.


Companies don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. They want someone who is going to add value to their operation. You want to come across as someone who can get the job done today. They may have opportunities to continue your education down the road but don’t make this a key conversation in the interview.

“Work-life Balance”

Some companies may brag about how they provide a wonderful work-life balance for their employees and that’s great! But, in your interview don’t bring this up! No one is going to want to bring on someone who isn’t focused on their job and bolts out the door at 5 on the dot. You are, after all, here to work.

Now, I’m not saying you should work your life away but bringing this up will make you seem like youre not invested in your career.


This word has a negative connotation and will paint a picture of you in the interviewer’s mind as a trouble maker. Context is everything. If you were fired for under preforming, use the words “let go”, and share how you learned from the experience.


Using “actually” makes you seem like you’re correcting the interviewer. This can make you seem arrogant or defensive. Two traits that you don’t to come across as.


You are an adult with a career. Do not diminish your worth or your work to ‘stuff’. This is lazy speech and shows the interviewer that you were not adequately prepared to answer questions about a job you spent at least a year doing. Sad.

“Um, hrm, uhhh, erm…”

Similar to using the word ‘stuff’ this is just lazy and unprepared.

“ No, I don’t have any questions”

This is technically a phrase, but these questions that you should be asking are used to show the interviewer the knowledge you have of the company beyond the superficial stuff on their website.


Interviewers know if you’re trying to pass a strength as a weakness. Doing this will not give them any insight into whether or not you’re the right person for the job.


This kind of passive language makes you seen uncertain. Use strong, definite words that let your interviewer know that you are confident in yourself and the answer you are giving. Employers what someone who is capable of making decisions.


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