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The year is 2018, the internet is riddled with trillions of day-to-day updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and probably still even an occasional Myspace post. Social media is not just a place to reconnect with high school acquaintances or to share pictures of the kids with the rest of the family anymore. People have figured out how to make a sustainable income by posting photos of their everyday life. Surely if Ingrid the Instagram model can make money by promoting a tea that “helps you lose weight”, you can use it for some type of gain in your healthcare career. This type of social technology isn’t just a passing fad. The number of users is rapidly increasing every day, turn these users into customers, clients or patients by using these different platforms to engage and promote your brand and credibility.

Sometimes Viral Can Be Good:

These days there is a new viral video or photo that comes across your timeline and will stay there for a week before people are on to the next hot topic. Use this to your advantage. Participating in a viral challenge prompts engagement from your consumers. For example, the dentist that participated in the ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ got 122 thousand shares! If Drake isn’t your thing don’t worry There are other ways to engage your followers. Ask people what their biggest concerns regarding a certain topic is, then use this as an opportunity to provide more information and start a dialogue.

Be a Helpful Source of Information:

There are many different sources for information and not all of them are not valid. Use your social media as an opportunity to share blogs or articles with factual information. Is it flu season? Debunk the Pinterest mom made up remedies involving Moroccan oil or whatever fad is popular that week. Recommend effective treatments to minimize discomfort during these times. Furthermore, keep people up to date! If there is a recent development in the medical community, inform people around you about what it could mean for the future or how it might affect them.


Spy on your competitors. Read the reviews and comments on other pages of people in your profession. What are they being criticized on? Also, be sure to make a mental note of what they’re being complimented on. Create good habits based on what your patients, customers, and clients are looking for. Making these changes might make a difference in whether or not your patients recommend you to their friends or if they even decide to come back.


One way social media can be beneficial to your practice is the fact that other people can recommend you to their friends. More often than not on Facebook, I see people asking for recommendations for anything from the best place to get Indian food to what they should watch on Netflix. People prefer the opinion of people they know over a complete strangers review. Sure, you can type your quick little search into google but you will get 163 million results in under 0.7 seconds. With a post on Facebook you are more likely to get a better localized and personal answer to your inquiries.

Communicate in Times of Crisis:

California has earthquakes, Kansas has tornados and Florida has hurricanes. Each state has its own form of disaster that can happen at any given moment. Use your platform to provide information to the public in times of crisis.  whether it be hospital waiting times or other information that might be relevant in a state of emergency.

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