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Its almost Thanksgiving and you’re about to sit down at a huge meal and make small talk with a group of people you see twice a year. Have you thought about what you’re going to talk about? Steer clear of politics and the controversial conversations that will make dinner tense and awkward. Here are 6 of the top Instagram accounts that are sure to be conversation starters from pie recipes to child prodigies these pages are sure to be conversation starters.


Since Thanksgiving us just a couple days away the first top Instagram account on our list is @thefeedfeed! These insta food pics are SOO much better than your average white girl lunch post. They post a recipe with every mouthwatering image they add to their feed. If you’re still thinking about what to bring to Thanksgiving, make sure you check out this page for some inspiration!

screenshot pf a culinary instagram


Do you have a desire to travel? If not Serengetee will give it to you. First and foremost they are a charitable apparel company. The owners Brian and Jeff started a pocket t-shirt company. The pocket on these tee’s are made from fabric from around the world, they have since grown to making camera straps, hats, pillows and other items. The best part? A percentage of sales for each pattern/fabric goes back to a charity in the country it came from. Their Instagram account features travel photos from people who purchase their clothing.

Content from the serengetee instagram


Just your average everyday photography Instagram account. EXCEPT THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS AN 8 YEAR OLD BOY! Yes 8! I don’t know why we don’t give kids cameras more often. It probably doesn’t hurt that his father is a Nat Geo photographer. But personally I think seeing life through the eyes of a kid is refreshing. This child prodigy 100% is in our list of top Instagram accounts.

Content from the hawkeyehuey instagram


Love him or hate him this man knows what he’s doing. If you’re trying to build a business or become an entrepreneur this is the guy to take lessons from. His content is full of inspirational quotes, marketing videos, and selfies with celebrities. Five minutes on his page will drive you to start your own company, volunteer at an animal shelter and adopt an orphan all before you’ve had your morning coffee.

Content from the garyvee instagram


If you ever need to feel a little humble Nasa will knock you off your rocker. Nasa posts awe-inspiring photos of the cosmos. Astronauts, planets (RIP Pluto), and ENTIRE GALAXIES. Even Nasa’s photos of the night sky will make you feel small but in like a good way.

Content from the nasa instagram


Looking for an adventure? Find some inspiration in @Mikeescamilla. Skydiving, BMX, fatherhood? This guy captures all of his adventures through the lens of his GoPro.  You can also catch some stunts he’s done in movies like Captain America, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Ant-man, just to name a few.

Content from the mikeescamilla instagram
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