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Contract and Permanent Placements

Trust Our Experts

At RSG our number one goal is to bridge the gap between passion and talent. Anyone can fill an open position, but you need someone that knows the ins-and-outs of candidates and clients alike to ensure success. We specialize in placing the top talent in IT but we offer so much more. Whether you’re a candidate searching for your dream job or a business looking to grow, our experts dedicate themselves to your cause.

RSG recruiters and project managers will save you time and money. We fill positions faster because we understand the market. Our experts are constantly updating their portfolios, making connections with candidates and companies from every industry and size. Hiring RSG to manage all of your staffing needs will provide the competitive edge you need to hire top-notch talent.

Why RSG?

RSG provides unparalleled attention to detail. At RSG it is important to build real partnerships, not just sales. Our experts listen to our clients and formulate a custom search based on your unique needs. We manage your hiring project from start to finish.  We craft job postings, sift through resumes and our networks to expedite the lengthy hiring process

Not only do we build partnerships with clients, but we also build relationships with the candidates. Our experts understand the skill-sets and goals of each candidate we come across.  With over 50 years of experience combined, our recruiters understand that the candidate should be compatible with the position. This ensures that our clients don’t get hit with the cost of a bad hire, they don’t have an increase in turnover and they don’t waste their time. From posting the job to salary negotiation–RSG is the staffing agency there every step of the way.

Trust Our Experts

Let RSG know what kind of positions you’re looking to fill. Our experts can find you the perfect candidate in no time!