What kind of positions are you looking to fill?

Is your company growing? Are you looking for top-talent that can match your hustle? Look no further! RSG knows that the competition for the perfect candidate is fierce. The recruiters at RSG have over 50 years of experience. They are working around the clock to simplify the hiring process, saving you time and money. At RSG our recruiters conduct a thorough pre-screening process and conduct specialized assessments to make sure a candidate possesses the specific capabilities your assignment requires. Therefore, only submitting candidates that match the skill sets you desire.

In today’s business culture, companies are making a habit of treating clients as an expendable sale. Here at RSG, we value long-standing partnerships. We pride ourselves on our reputation for exceeding expectations. All-in-all RSG takes the responsibility for coaching and guiding your team throughout the hiring process. This includes a multitude of services underneath the surface: we cover drug testing, reference checks, criminal background checks and personality, aptitude and integrity screening. Our expert process allows us to connect businesses with highly-suitable candidates that will hit the ground running.

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Experiencing spikes in seasonal workloads? Need access to specialized professionals or want to improve your cost management through focused staffing? RSG’s network of IT gurus are screened, skill-tested, and ready to hit the ground running. Leave it to RSG to find talented individuals that are aligned to meet your specific need, business culture, and strategic objectives.

80% of companies, including some of our Fortune 500 clients, use third-party sources for most of their IT service, support, and solutions. Why? In short, it reduces downtime and risk. It Improves project efficiency and provides a single point of contact for all things IT. And most importantly– it saves money!

At RSG, we take the same rigorous approach for shorter-term professional IT candidates as we do for permanent professional positions. Each applicant is assessed on technical know-how, skills, and professionalism – allowing us to connect the ideal technician needed. Our dedicated account executives provide timely, relevant, and interactive communications throughout the hiring process. We pride ourselves in redefining the staffing agency experience by elevating it to a best practices approach throughout the industry.

What sets RSG apart from other staffing agencies? I’m glad you asked! RSG is Tampa’s most agile staffing agency. While other companies pride themselves on working exclusively with large/medium/small scale clients, RSG is equipped to manage any size project you throw our way. We can scale up to your largest need or down to your smallest. RSG will assign your company a Project Manager that studies the ins and outs of your buisness, your needs, and your project to ensure you are getting the customized solutions you deserve.

Our healthcare recruiting team is built up of experts with a comprehensive background in healthcare staffing, staff augmentation, program management, and training solutions. Our talent acquisition strategy is a multi-layered program which has consistently produced top talent for our clients.  We provide custom solutions that are scale-able, centered around quality control, risk mitigation, professional development, workforce enrichment, and employee retention focused on quality of life.

RSG’s custom solutions fill positions relating, but not limited to:

                                                                                                                                     PHYSICIANS:                                                                                                                                              ER Physicians, Family Practice, Hospitalists, Internal Medicine, Neurosurgeons, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Radiologists, Anesthesiologist, General Surgery, Gastroenterologists, Otolaryngologists, OB/GYN, Neurologists, Pharmacists,  Optometrists, and CRNA’s


Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Nurse Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physician Assistants, Speech-Language Pathologists, Physical Therapy Assistant, Respiratory Therapist, Optometry Technicians, Polysomnographic (Sleep)  Telemetry Technicians, Registered Nurses, Specialized Registered Nurses, and RN Case Managers

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