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Hello friends, its is officially ~spooky SZN~! The air around us smells like carved out pumpkins and the plastic graveyard display your neighbor put up in mid-September. Freddy is haunting our dreams, Jason is ruining our lake vacation and Michael is staring at us from a second story window. While these slasher film monsters keep us awake at night, there’s nothing more terrifying than the real and true events that happen every day in the office. That’s right, I’m talking about disappearing candidates, scandalous social media profiles, and wishy-washy clients. These are terrifyingly true horror stories from recruiters about things that go bump in the broad daylight!

Recruiting Horror Story #1

“As a recruiter for an investment real-estate company our ideal candidates were entrepreneurial college grads. Sometimes this meant that the maturity levels of these candidates were not so great. I set up a preliminary phone screen with one recent grad for 11 am. Not too early, right? WRONG! After I left this gentleman a voicemail and went about my day I got a text message from him saying he just woke up and asked to reschedule the phone call. THIS WAS AT 2 PM. This should have been enough of a red flag for me to end the interview process with him. But naive me decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I went ahead with his phone interview to which he replied to every question with a simple yes or no. No explanation, no personality, no excitement. I ended the phone call with him like I always do, a quick thank you for your time and we will get back to you in a few days with our decision if we’d like to move forward. After all of this, he has the AUDACITY to text me again! This time he was asking me what his chances looked like, if they were bad he wanted to go back to school and play football…. Suffice it to say, we did not move forward in the interview process.”

Recruiting Horror Story #2

“A few years ago, I was a recruiter and I was emailing a candidate to set up a phone interview before I sent him to the next stage. We set up the interview for a few days later and when the time came I was getting ready to dial his number and he walked in the door. Not a big deal but I was certainly caught off guard as I don’t have people come into my office. I’m not even sure how he got the physical address. “

Recruiting Horror Story #3

“I spent a few months as a recruiter, so I know the ins and outs of the process and workflow. I decided that this isn’t what I saw myself doing so I started applying for other positions and I landed a job as a marketing coordinator. Six months later I got a call from a recruiter about a job I applied to SIX MONTHS prior. Fair enough, maybe I’m still interested, but the call came at 8:30 PM from the same state… Thanks for the call but I’m happy with my current situation.”

Recruiting Horror Story #4

“I FINALLY filled a high profile position with the perfect candidate. We went through all of the steps and got him ready to start his first day. The client called me the morning of inquiring where the candidate was… I called him and called him and no response. GHOSTED. Still not sure where he is to this day. I did not make my placement or receive my fees. ):”

Recruiting Horror Story #5

“One candidate we were working with was very creepy. He started out very normal and respectful. As time went on he began calling more and more throughout the day and eventually at inappropriate hours. Once this started happening we cut off contact and discontinued our service with him. He eventually showed up to the office. Fortunately, he didn’t have clearance to enter the building. I think after that he gave up whatever his end game was because we didn’t hear from him after that. “

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