How to be Productive in the New Year

How to be More Productive in the New Year

“New year, new me”– You’ve heard it and said it a million times. In 2019 make sure you actually mean it! Here are 7 tips on how to be productive in the new year. You don’t have to be a hyper-organized, type-A person to follow these easy tips. Following these suggestions will help your mental, physical, and emotional health and help you have a happy and prosperous new year!

Cancel the noise in the new year:

Emails, app notifications, text messages and phone calls are non-stop. When did your phone get stuck in your hand and your eyes glued to the screen? Some parents limit screen time for their kids, why not for themselves? Go through your phone and turn off the notifications for things that are not urgent. You don’t need to know every time a random celebrity tweets or someone likes the picture of your lunch on Instagram. Limiting the useless notifications can keep you focused on work. Turning off your notifications will make you more productive in the new year.

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Create daily-goals in the new year:

Make the last thing on your to-do list a to-do list for the next day. When you plan your day ahead of time you have more time to prioritize what’s important. This way you can get everything hard out of your way and end your day with easier tasks. This will make you feel less stressed at the end of your day and prevent you from taking that emotional baggage home with you. Creating daily goals will make you more productive in the new year.

Stop procrastinating in the new year:

I know, that’s basically the whole point of this blog. BUT HEAR ME OUT. I used to believe that procrastinating can make your more productive because an hour before something is due you work twice as fast to get it done right? Probably not the smartest thought process. It’s bad time management. Think of all the time you’d save by actually being productive. Quitting procrastination and other bad habits will make you more productive in the new year.

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Wake up earlier in the new year:

Mind over mattress. Yes, this might suck for the first week or two. But you’ll get used to it! You can do small chores before work like doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom. If you get this done in the morning, you won’t have to do it when you get home! Eventually, you will start automatically waking up earlier on the weekend, thus have more time in the day to get stuff done! Waking up early will make you more productive in the new year.

Create a routine in the new year:

If you stick to a strict schedule your life will automatically be more structured and organized. If you start your day thinking “I’ll probably work out later” you will start putting other things before it. If you tell yourself “I’m going to work out at noon”, you’ll instinctively start trying to get as many things as possible done before you have to go to the gym. Creating a routine will make you more productive in the new year.

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Devote your commute to yourself in the new year:

View your commute as downtime. Obviously, if you drive to work you can’t catch up on emails or anything like that, but audiobooks are the 21st centuries greatest gift. Let’s say you have an hour commute every day, at the end of the year that adds up to THREE WEEKS. Do you know how much you could learn in that amount of time?! Listen to music, books, or podcasts to learn a new skill or to psych yourself up for the day. This is your ‘you’ time. Take it. Using your commute time more wisely will make you more productive in the new year.

Take breaks in the new year:

Meditation, a healthy snack or exercise is the options when you want to take a break It will give you the head space you need to continue your day strong. Using your breaks for social media will ultimately distract you and won’t contribute to your overall mental/physical health. Breaks are meant to help you recharge. Taking breaks will make you more productive in the new year.

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