How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

//How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise 

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

1. Step one be prepared:

Be prepared to respond professionally, no matter the outcome. If your request is declined, ask how you can improve your performance. Get specific details on what you can improve or take on for higher compensation. Consider setting a time to revisit the conversation in a few months. This shows you’re dedicated to advancing your career.

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2. Step two do your research.

What is the market like and what is the average pay for your position? Give yourself an assessment to determine how your responsibilities, qualifications and education compare to the average person in your position. Your boss knows the answer to these questions, you should too. Leverage this data and use it to your advantage.

3. Set the meeting

In person and in private. Don’t request the meeting in a common area of the office where someone might be able to overhear you. Avoid asking over email as well. If you have a performance review coming up, use that as an opportunity to discuss a possible pay raise. Have the discussion behind closed doors.

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4. Avoid ultimatums

Ultimatums don’t build positive professional relationships. Instead of having a temper tantrum if things don’t go your way, emphasize that you’d love to stay with the company, and you hope that you can work something out. If your boss values your work but can’t give you a raise because of budget restrictions, negotiate other aspects of your job like more work from home flexibility or paid time off.

If you feel you’re unable to climb the ladder with in your organization, consider other opportunities. To continue growth in your career, asking for a raise is an essential skill. Professionals should be able to negotiate their salaries semi frequently and more effectively.

5. Plan the next time you’ll ask for a raise

You have absolutely grown in the past year. Take this time to reflect on how far you’ve come and think about how far you want to go. Make goals for the next year and put a plan into action to reach the next level.

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