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Its Tuesday morning, your company has finally grown to the point where you are able to bring on a new team member. Great! You know there are pools of untapped talent out there and you are ready to scoop them up and put them to work. But, suddenly, its Friday and the only person who has responded to the posting is a college freshman that wants to work 10 hours a week. Seriously? Where are the high-quality job applicants?

High-quality job applicants think a little differently than others. If you’re only getting responses from subpar applicants, there might be something wrong with how you’re searching. Take a look at the tips below to start attracting a better range of candidates.

Money Talks

If you’re a small or a new business, chances are you don’t have the biggest budget. But to run a successful business you need to hire successful employees and successful employees’ cost good money. When you create a position, it needs to match the market rate for the position. Cheap work ain’t good and good work ain’t cheap. A high-quality job applicant wouldn’t take a position with you if they know they can make more money doing the same thing for another company.

And while I have your attention on this subject…. Feel free to check out our 2019 Salary Guide for Information Technology to make sure your rates are fair!

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Perks of the Position

Can you offer days to work from home? Taco Tuesdays? A building with a gym? A couch for a power nap? Get creative! I once applied to a position solely based on the fact that they have a game room. Obviously, this didn’t work out for me because my heart wasn’t in the right place, but they got a candidate who was right for the position.

With the way the world is developing, companies are able to offer some of these different incentives so attracting high-quality job applicants is getting more competitive. This just means you might have to get creative!


Insurance, healthcare, time-off… these are all deciding factors in job seekers. If you’re going to attract high quality job seekers, you should offer high quality benefits. These are selling points so be sure to flaunt them in your job postings.

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Don’t be a bore!

What does your job posting look like? We are looking “this type of person” to do this vague thing in this undisclosed department…. Yawn. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to inform and attract. Your job posting is basically an advertisement for your company.  Highlight the best parts, while being clear about the position.

Don’t be a tease!

The clock starts as soon as your candidate clicks on the ‘APPLY NOW!’ link. If your written application is 5 pages long you will probably lose out on candidates.  When will the first interview take place and how long until the next one? How many interviews will you need and when are you looking for this person to start. The more drawn out the process is the more likely your candidates will start exploring their other options because you can seem to get it together.

Expand your Reach

Newspaper ads will not cut it anymore. The job market is saturated with highly qualified and experienced candidates you just have to reach them. If you are staffing a job in Tampa, for example, reach out to surrounding markets like St. Petersburg or smaller surrounding cities that people are more willing to commute to.

Be sure to saturate the web. Careerbuilder, Monster, ZipRecruiter and Indeed… get the word out there. Use your personal LinkedIn to attract people you may have networked with or your network’s network. Find new employees through your current employees.

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Don’t pass on passive

High qualified job applicants may not be job seekers at all. In fact, they might already be employed. Think about your ideal candidate: knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. I mean, why wouldn’t this stellar person have a job?

When you’re searching for a new team member you may have to let people at other companies know that your company is better! Use your resources, connect with the world around you and don’t let a currently employed status discourage you from pursuing a candidate.

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